"Deal with Reality or Reality will deal with you," SRS founder Chris S., 1996

Since 1996, our mission is to unify a diverse experience and knowledge base to serve our clients. We are at the forefront of many trends in our industry.


Our Mission

is to be qualified.

Qualification differs from entitlement in one major way.  When a person or organization is qualified it means that the desired result is possible due to the effort already expended to gain experience, previous work successfully performed and drive towards constant improvement.  The process of being qualified never ends.  It is a calling filled with self-doubt, loneliness, personal challenges, failure and often success.  Qualification leads to a greater understanding that regardless of the labor expended success is not guaranteed.  "You cannot eliminate risk; you can only mitigate risk," SRS founder.

Entitlement is a mentality of a state of being where one assumes that the acquired prerequisites should guarantee some success.  Entitlement appears to work in some situations at certain times.  However, the successful individual or organization is unknowingly, dangerously inadequate.  Correlation does not imply causation.

Qualification is the persistent, never ending path of adaptation and the relentless pursuit of a well thought plan executed to the utmost perfection.

People like to say that so and so was an overnight success. He was not an overnight success; overnight he got noticed. No one sees the years or even decades of hard work, and we live in a society that prefers to ignore it.
— D Y, client and friend

What We've Achieved

  • Helped our clients develop an understanding of monetary policy and demographics.
  • Prepared for the hazards of a changing world and threat situation.
  • Identified safe harbors for both personal and financial interests.
  • Developed disinterested threat assessment.
  • Identified accurate information purveyors.
  • Developed techniques for analyzing alternative information providers.
  • Providing briefs and analysis when applicable to our clients.
  • Developed the ability to intuitively and analytically dissect an organization.
  • Developed custom security procedures for individuals and organizations.
  • Understanding of  the human element in terms of security.
  • Understanding of technological aspects of security and organizational function.
  • Understanding of the financial implications of individual, business and investor realty decisions.
  • Understanding of the applicability of demographic, political, financial and social trends to realty decisions and future planning.