Some words from our clients and friends.

In some cases, names have been obscured at the request of the client and/or for client confidentiality.  It is policy to not publicly identify clients. 

I am grateful to have you as a colleague and honored to call you friend.
— Ray, attorney-at-law
You have this uncanny ability to predict the future and see trends as if they were waypoints on a map. You take a diverse knowledge and experience base and construct an all encompassing economic model.
— John Maxwell, client
You certainly do not waste time on trivial activities.
— Angela, client
When I first met you I did not think that you were an experienced person. Your insight set me straight on some things. I did not think that you were a successful person; then I saw some of your work. You would smile and make some sort of self-deprecating comment; I thought that you were not a serious person. After working with you I realize that this is how you hide your amazing abilities and work ethic so that you can serve others and do great things together.
— R De***, client
I was a kid from Brooklyn riding what you called the last great bubble and thinking that I was some great real estate investor. If not for your guidance, I would be worse than broke.
— Eddie D, client
We worked with you for over five years and never lost sight of the goals that you helped us set. Our family is in a good place now prepared for an uncertain future. We never thought that we would find ourselves halfway across the country in a community that we would never thought worthy of a visit. A new life in a very different place is something that you helped us achieve.
— The Algerios, clients
You have the ability to look into the abyss and not be horrified or offer the delusion of hope. The sober way that you helped us understand why the future is what it will be enabled us to do what needed to be done. You provide an interesting combination of analysis and prediction along with action. Do we feel completely safe; no one can. But, we feel better and more prepared than others and at peace.
— clients, name withheld
I think that you have forgotten more about monetary policy than most people will ever know. Yet, you make it so easy to understand.
— M Delzotti, client
It is not often that a consultant tells me what books I need to read before we can start working together. You knew exactly what I needed to understand to see where the tech bubble originated and where it would end. Sorry for all of the nasty things my accountant said to you.
— Bob, client
A class act, a true professional whom I trust without reservation for my realty needs.
— executive P & * corporation
You should write a book on the things that HOA association managers and boards can do to embezzle.
— The Romano family
I learned not to confuse my dumb luck in the real estate world with knowledge. You told me when to get out and why.
— Tuzzo, client
You have this uncanny ability to conceptualize an organization and its people. You should make my hiring decisions.
— Mark D, client
Now I know why you told me that you were not going to be paid on commission for my deals. All that we did was discuss why everything that I wanted to buy was not a good decision. I learned more from you in two months than I could in ten years without losing money. I remember when you asked me what business I was in and told me that I should do what I am good at.
— Mike F, restaurant owner
When I decided that I wanted to have a first-class residential building it never occurred to me what this would entail. You are the most demanding person that I ever met in my life. I’ll never forget when you told me that we are not going to play the low bidder game. It literally took years for us to check every service provider’s and contractor’s other work to satisfy your concerns about how they operate. I am glad though that we did not play the “New York Realty Game” as you called it where high value tenants are dissatisfied and litigating because they were sold sizzle and not steak.
— Henry P, client
You have an eye for presentation and elegance, the ability to see quality regardless of price.
— Steve R, client
Before I got into trouble with my project you told me to sell and why. You called the market exactly. I would have loved to have finished the project myself and sold it with you, but you put my wellbeing first. Your advice to my son as he plans his future has been invaluable.
— Elliot W, client
Your guidance as we enter a new era of real estate is much appreciated.
— a Brooklyn Multiple Listing Service
A broker’s broker.
— Al****** G, RE Broker
You read people very well.
— Richard M, client
We first met when one of your clients made the referral. He was concerned with personal security after the attacks in NYC and I finally got to meet the person who I thought made him nuts. You easily dismissed what everyone in the media was hyping and taught me about where the future threats really were. Now I realize that my friend was not crazy and you were not his therapist. And you predicted that preparedness would be given a bad name. For me it is now an appreciation that we take too much for granted regardless of any actual threats. It is truly time for people to act like adults.
— Jay M, client
An executive cannot just leave and go live in some other community. We worked together to achieve the balance of having a safe place to go with having a secure location where we have our current lives. A tremendous amount of work went into planning, and I will always appreciate how you worked with my family so that they would be on board. This required getting our heads right as much as getting the financials and logistics right. In the end I learned where to make changes and what we could do without.
— P C, client
Ask his advice to get your business in order, seek his counsel to get your head in order.
— Chris C, investor client
I liked the fact that I could essentially throw you the keys to my office and you handled from A to Z all of the details of securing my business from internal and external threats. You worked with vendors to such an extent that I wonder if you could just do the whole thing.
— Randy L** *, client
For our first house purchase you treated us like gold. We learned so much from you in the process.
— Lori G, client
I think that a lot of outside vendors really resent your vetting process. I will never forget the time you told me to not hire someone because his vehicles and tools looked like s**t. In New York you did this.
— Robert G, client
I wanted to learn how you came to your conclusions over the years and the process. We spent many a two hour session where you taught me how demographics, money, banking, politics and marketing all work together. You should be teaching this at the graduate level.
— Mike B, client
Your reports on technology and the group talks that you gave really opened up a whole world to me. To think that it all originated when one of your older clients asked you how computers worked. A lot of us laughed when you told us how you purchased a load of laptops from some corporate liquidator for $79.00 a piece. They were worth over $2000 each only three years before you said. We were wondering how broke you were that you had to do this. This is probably why you understand things so well. To you helping someone setup an office that you rented to them was just part of the job, even setting up their computers.
— Dave T, client
People who do not know you will not understand that you did not consider realty decisions to happen in a vacuum. The world around them and common sense finance had to apply. Those of us who were there at the beginning know that you had this burning urge to understand how money worked, why people needed to go into debt, why there were market cycles, how can a person earn enough to retire, where does a rate of return come from, how is a stock valued, what is the reason for inflation and what are its consequences. I know you well and will tell anyone that you had to struggle early on and learned the hard way out of necessity. In the end all of us learned that right decisions occur in an environment of a lot of wrong doing. I understand that it would eventually become tiring to you becoming an expert in what is baloney, corrupt and unjust while you lived a diligent and honorable life.
— Marc A, early client
Remember the story from the 1920’s of Kennedy Sr. and the shoe-shine boy giving stock tips; it is just one of many that you used to tell. You wanted people to understand the logic of how the real estate market, stock market and businesses lied to them. I remember the story of how you had a young couple adjudicated a bankrupt only two years prior being approved for an A paper mortgage. You were saying in 2002 “S & L Crisis II” and giving the local real estate board lessons in government sponsored entities Fannie and Freddie. You were warning about appraisal fraud and how the real estate brokers were also doing mortgage brokering and messing with the appraisal process. My favorite was in 2007 when you brought to my attention that a major bank was paying shareholders by booking profits that they did not have. It went boom! You had a party liquidating the holdings of clients who would listen prior to the bust. At the same time you dismissed those who were calling the end of the world.
— Linda G, broker
When I decided to relocate and build a secure residence, you connected me with the right people and coordinated the entire process. One day this will be a very different world. It is funny that everything you predicted, said and explained happens when you say it will. Your track record speaks for itself. I remember when you told everyone from 1996 on that Y2K would not be an issue because you had studied programming and knew people in the profession. There was not the job demand that would have been expected if there was a real threat. This I admire about you. You never say something unless you have actual information and can explain it in a way that can be understood. You were concerned that the Y2K scam would deter people from reasonably preparing for the threats and calamities that are part of life on earth. You were an early pioneer in the concept of looking at a community from all functional angles with an eye towards weathering storms. Knowing you I realize how stupidly we make our living decisions.
— S Kle**, client
When my investments failed, you never made me feel like a failure. We just did the necessary work to clean up the mess and rebuild.
— John F*******, client
It pains me to say this. I know that you will continue to embody the dignity and class that we have all known as you embark on your final journey.

The candle that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long.
— DMR, 2006, client and friend