This is just a small sampling of some of our successful projects.  Details of our sensitive security work available for private discussion.


Data Security and Client Confidentiality:

  • Pioneered the use of two-factor data login security.
  • Secure encryption and data destruction for the small to medium size organization.
  • Secure encrypted data backup.
  • Use of open source, low cost products.
  • Customized policies for individual clients.
  • Education and development of organizational procedures for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Vetting of service providers.
  • Developed reasonable procedures scaled to level of risk.

Realty Services:

  • Investment and Residential consultation and transactional guidance.
  • Security audit of facilities.
  • Identification of potential security risks.
  • Development of reasonable security goals.
  • Audit of property management firms.
  • Quality of service audits for residential and retail operations.
  • Reporting on the future liabilities of properties.
  • Capital allocation for current and future property needs.
  • Design, condition and maintenance as they relate to the desired class of the property.
  • Maintaining property operational standards.
  • Understanding the needs and desires of the property occupants.
  • Contractor vetting.
  • Real Estate Broker supervision and management.
  • Analysis of property initial and ongoing impressions.
  • Trend effects on realty project feasibility and future operation.
  • Education for individuals and organizations.
  • Confidential observation and investigations.
  • Criminal, Regulatory and Ethics Boards referrals.

Personal Services

  • Design and construction of the secure home, contractor vetting and referrals.
  • Implementation of reasonable, customized security measures.
  • Security audits.
  • Hazard analysis.
  • Relocation and its implications.
  • Alternative residence feasibility studies.
  • Community analysis.
  • Threat assessment.

Professionals, Fiduciaries and Families

  • Management of realty investments for the non-local client.
  • Trust and Estate Planning.
  • Organizational succession.
  • Analysis of future trends in real estate and the financial world.
  • Professional cooperation with family attorneys.
  • Investor guidance and feasibility analysis.
  • Education.

Organizational Management

  • Created a model rules set for the Multiple Listing Service industry.
  • Charter member of the first commercial committee of a national association of real estate professionals.
  • Organizational planning and crisis management.
  • Developed working papers pertaining to future trends and threats to the industry.
  • Early adoption of security protocols and data protection.
  • Disciplinary and Professional Standards committee service.
  • Development of certifications and industry standards.

Retail Services

Some of these services are no longer provided, but are referenced here and in the client comments section for historical, reference and memorial purposes.  We can provide additional explanation if necessary.

  • Property purchase and marketing.
  • Broker supervision.
  • Market value analysis.
  • Lender negotiation.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Leasing.
  • Purchase Money financing and refinancing.
  • Syndicate formation, offerings and management.
  • Private financing.

The Personal Touch

All of our services are personally performed and supervised by the founder.  This is a time and labor intensive method of doing business.  Individualized service and attention to detail are what built our reputation.  Every client is special to us.  This is a part of our success and a limiting factor.