On Blogging

Actually the blog is located at the For Clients Only link.  The term blog is what eventually replaced the concept of having a website with regular content updates and eventually a forum.  We like to think of it as our journal; blog is such a nouveau, trendy term.  People recognize the term, so we yield to fashion.  Here is where we do not.

We do not publish a public blog for a few reasons.  It is for our clients.  You know, the ones who pay our bills.  It is so delightful to spend hours analyzing information, developing concepts, delivering advice and opinion only to have it plagiarized, criticized, debated and used in untold distasteful ways without compensation to us.  Yes, there is a reasonable argument that it promotes the business and generates other sources of income.  We sometimes work seven days a week; time is a limiting factor.  In addition, there is absolutely no revenue generating advertising anywhere on this website.  This website is a digital destination, perhaps a resume, a place to explain further, a place-marker, client interaction forum, make of it whatever you will.  There is no donation button.  We do not search engine optimize our website.  In fact we would appreciate it if Google and others would not index it in search results.  We have no issue with them.  This business was built through effort.

Our clients and friends can join our forum and comment on our journal entries.  The very thought of having to moderate the comments of semi-anonymous individuals is distasteful to say the least.  One fulltime job is enough.  There are much more enjoyable and useful things to do with our non-working time such as helping a child with her mathematics homework and letting her know that if there is a god, his name is not Steve Jobs.  Yes, there are always reflective and insightful individuals who become fans of certain blogs and contribute in useful ways and challenge others not with vitriol but honest debate.  Sadly, even they become targets of soul draining verbal abuse.  We will not have this.  Hopefully this serves as an example to other bloggers that although anonymity is necessary; it can be achieved through a screening process.  Throughout the years of reading excellent forums and now blogs we have noticed that some elegant and insightful comments are dozens if not hundreds of comments below worthless dreck and will seldom be read.  This ends here.